Lower Eyelids Surgery

Lower eyelids surgery

Service inclusion

  • Doctor fee
  • Clinical interview/ consultation
  • Home medication

Pre–op preparation

  • Inform us about any allergies , underlying medical illness, medications taken
  • Avoid aspirin And all the supplements and anticoagulant before surgery at least 7-10 days
  • Hypertension within controlled

Post-op care

  • Cold compression after surgery for the first few hours and 2-3 days later
  • Keep the wound dry and clean . no scab or blood stain leaving on wound( usually open after 24 hours)
  • Stitches off on the 5 th day after surgery
  • Follow up as appointment
  • For the first week avoid activities that dry the eyes including reading , watching TV( for long period) , wearing contact lens (for few weeks), using computer and excessive blinking

Surgical procedure

Open technique
1. Lower blepharoplasty : in case that there is excess skin such in aging process incision will be made just beneath the eyelash row ( subciliary incision) . Dissection made subcutaneously till the fat pocket ( eyebags) level and fatty protruding part removed with précised bleeding control by electrocauterization and do it so with lateral fatty pocket protrusion. ; tightening of orbicularis muscle ( squezzing eye muscle) may need in case of its sagging
Excess skin will be adjusted and trimmed out which cannot be too tight just for cosmetic reason only because it can be easily ectropion or sclera show

Operation is done with very fine electrocautery which controls the bleeding

2.Transconjunctival incision : in case of no excess skin incision can be made inside ( through conjunctivae) and fat pocket ( eyebags) will be removed with précised cauterization . no stitches needed

Duration of surgery

Within 1 hour

Risk and complications

  • When eyelids surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon complications are infrequent and usually minor possibly including bleeding , infection and reaction of anesthesia
  • You can reduced your complications by following your surgeon “s instruction before and after surgery including the followed up
  • Other minor complications : double or blurred visions for a few days , temporary swelling of the eyelid, asymmetric healing and scarring .
  • Bruise and swelling may vary person to person ( maximum should be reached in the first week and generally last for 2 weeks to couple of months)
  • Your vision may continue to be somewhat blurred for a few days or longer you eyes may be temporary sensitive to light and may experience excess tearing or dryness . You may use eyedrops or artificial tear to relieve the symtoms


  • Incision may be red and bumpy but eventually scar become flat and inconspicuous
  • Swollen and decoloration around your eyes will gradually subside and better looking each day
  • Make up will be permitted after stitches off


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