Nasal Augmentation

Nasal augmentation (silicone)

Service inclusion

  • Doctor fee
  • Clinical interview/ consultation
  • Home medication

Pre–op preparation

  • Inform us about any allergies , underlying medical illness, medications taken
  • Be sure that if you have had any previous nose surgery or injuries even in many years ago. You must inform us in detail.
  • Avoid aspirin And all the supplements and anticoagulant before surgery at least 7-10 days
  • Hypertension within controlled
  • Do not be hesitated to ask any question you may have especially those regarding your expectations and concerns about the results

Post-op care

  • Cold compression around the nose for the first few days
  • Try to sleep in slightly head up position for the first week
  • You can wash your face but not let water wash inside the nose so swimming is prohibited
  • You should be tapering on for 3 days then you can removed it by your self
  • No stitches off needed


  • All surgery carries some uncertainty and risk
  • Best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who looking for improvement not perfection in the way they look. If you are physical healthy , psychological stable , and realistic in your expectation , you may a good candidate
  • Incision will be made inside ( both sides with smaller on the left) subcutaneous pocket dissection above cartilages in the lower part and subperiosteum at the upper part. Sterilized carving silicone (tailor made to the patient) will be inserted and placed properly on the nasal structure and wound will be cleaned and closed with absorbable fine suture


1 hour ( complicated and secondary case may take longer)

Risk and complications

  • When augmented rhinoplasty surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon complications are infrequent and usually minor possibly including bleeding , infection and reaction of anesthesia
  • You can reduced your complications by following your surgeon “s instruction before and after surgery including the followed up


Swollen should be mostly resolved within 7-10 days but usually further decrease down in a month till natural looking.