Otoplasty (prominent ear correction)

Service inclusion

  • Doctor fee
  • Clinical interview/ consultation
  • Home medication
  • Pre and post op care

Pre–op preparation

  • Inform us about any allergies , underlying medical illness, medications taken
  • Avoid aspirin And all the supplements and anticoagulant before surgery at least 7-10 days
  • Hypertension within controlled

Post op care

  • You will have a kind of pressure dressing on your ears keep it dry and clean for a few days and appointment for removal will be made
  • You may ask for wearing a light head dressing or a kind of head phone to promote healing and prevent the recurrence of cartilage recoil
  • After the dressing is removed you have to keep the wound dry and clean until stitches off within 5-7 days after surgery
  • Since the incision are made in the back , faint scars should be concealed in the creases

Surgical procedure

Otoplasty is performed to create or restore the fold line to proportionate the large or prominent ears . The extent of surgery depends on what changes are desired and what your surgeon deems appropriate . Otoplasty usually performed under local anesthesia

Incisions usually made on the back of the ears minor skin removal to expose the cartilage and dissect to frontal side of the cartilage beneath the skin scoring or some scratch lines are made on the frontal side of cartilage to make it more flexible and then use the suture on the back to pulling it backward to reshape the ears and keep it in position . 2-3 point of sutures may be required . After good shape and symmetry achieved bleeding will be precisely stopped and skin closed.

Duration of operarion

1 hour


Some soreness and discomfort can be controlled by the oral medications given. You will asked for dressing removal about 2-3 days and some swelling may be experienced and gradually disappear by a week or two. Good shape and more visible of fold line on the ear will be seen within a couple of weeks.

Risk and complications

  • Infection and bleeding are uncommon but being the major problems of this operation
  • Occasionally a set back ear may protrude again and second operation may be needed


Local ( general is your choices)